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Check In & Rentals

Checking In

Once you arrive, you will head over to the check-in counter to sign up for your session. Sessions do not have specific start and end times, so no need to worry about arriving late. Waivers are required and can be filled out in person or online in advance.

Long drive over? You can grab a drink or snack from our concession area while you're here.

Rental Equipment

If you don't have your own equipment, we offer all of the necessities as rental equipment. Tell us you want a rental package while booking your session and we'll get you set up. Once you're checked in, make your way over to the rental counter and hand them your session receipt. The rental package includes:

* Your session entry (2 hour, 4 hour, or all day)
* Elite Force M4 styled AEG
* Facemask
* BBs (quantity varies by session time)

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Safety Information


If it's your first time, we recommend wearing a hoodie, jeans or sweatpants, and thin gloves. Keep in mind the games require physical activity as your team strives for victory.

We do not rent out any type of tactical vests or gloves; however, we have a variety of protective gear for sale in our Pro Shop.

We have referees on the field during every game. One of the primary responsibilities of our referees is to ensure everyone is playing safely, fairly, and following the rules.

Loading Area

Once you have your entry and gear, find a seat in the loading area and prepare for the game!

The loading area will act as your home base. Barrel socks are required, so you can take off your facemask, reload your magazines, and take a breather while you wait for the next game to begin.



Games typically run on 15 minute cycles. When the game is over, to ensure the safety of all, before exiting the field, you must:

1. Remove the magazine from your gun
2. Clear the chamber by shooting into the metal drum near the exit of the field
3. Turn your gun's safety on and put on a barrel sock.

Kid’s Night

Kid's Night is a perfect opportunity to learn to play Airsoft. It takes place every Friday from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Only ages 17 and under are allowed.

Viewing Area

Parents, if you prefer to stay and watch your child play, feel free to hangout in our viewing area and watch the action!

Click here to see other frequently asked questions.

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Rules & Regulations

Aside from our required waiver that all players must fill out before playing, we have a list of rules that must be followed while playing at Stryker Airsoft.

Exp. Player Info

Already consider yourself an Airsoft Sharpshooter?

Find out how we cater to our experienced crowd.


Adult Night

Every Thursday from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM we host Adult Night. Although being over the age of 18 is not required, we only recommend Adult Night to more experienced players.

You can expect games to run slightly different than our weekend public sessions - game scenarios may be more complex and some rules (such as the 'Bang Bang' rule) may be modified to meet the desires of the group.


We host occasional tournament style events for teams or groups of players to come and compete for prizes. Whether or not you consider yourself an official team, if your group fits the requirements for each tournament, you are eligible to play. Check back on our website and follow our social media for more information on upcoming tournaments.


Field Layout

While designing the layout of our field, we aimed to replicate an urban warzone similar to today’s popular video games. The layout in combination with our variety of game types/scenarios allows us to give our players the best indoor Airsoft experience.

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