Stryker Airsoft Indoor Arena

What is airsoft?

    Airsoft is  a fun hobby/sport that is centered around the use of airsoft guns, which are replicas of firearms that shoot 6mm plastic bb's. The games are team based, with teammates working together to eliminate the other team and complete objectives.

How does it work when I arrive?

    When you first come in you will head over to the check-in counter to fill out a waiver (previous waivers are good for one year) and sign in to the field. Once checked in, you will proceed to the rental counter to pick up any rentals you may have purchased, then move on to the loading area to load and prepare your weapons for the upcoming games. Games run for approximately 10-15 minutes, with a 5 minute break in between. Once you are ready, you hop into the rotation, a referee will assign you to a team, and let the battle begin!
How are the games run?

    Games run for approximately 10-15 minutes, with a 5 minute break in between. The games are run by our referees, who explain the game modes, organize teams, and watch over the players. There are always 2-3 referees at the time, to ensure everything runs smoothly. We have a wide variety of game modes which referees will cycle through.

What is the FPS limit of the field?

    For all airsoft guns, the limit for our facility is 365 feet per second with .20 gram BB's. Using a heavier weight BB will lower the limit (.25g - 326FPS, .28g - 308FPS, etc.); this is because these values are all approximately the same amount of joules (1.23) as 365FPS with .20g bb's.

Do I need a reservation to come in?

    Not any more. You can just walk in.  For private parties, head over to the events/parties tab to see how to book a party.

How do I dress?

    We recommend long pants, sneakers, and long sleeved shirts.  For extra protection we also recommend hoodies to protect the back of your head and thin gloves for your hands. Hats are also a good idea. 

What do I need to bring with me?

    If this is your first time playing, you will need to fill out a waiver prior to entering the field. We always have them available on site, or you can download it and fill it out prior to arriving. If you have your own gear, we require full-seal full face protection and an airsoft gun that shoots under 365FPS with .20 gram BB. Barrel socks (available in-store) are also required and a case (or suitcase or bag of some sort) to bring the weapon in. Lastly, we suggest you dress appropriately for airsoft. For questions on how to dress, refer to the previous question.

Is it safe?

    Safety is our #1 priority at Stryker Airsoft. 2-3 referees will always be present on the field to ensure the safety of the players, and there are numerous other rules and regulations at our facility. 

Does it hurt?

    Airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic bb's, and players will be firing these at each other. On bare skin, a plastic bb can sting. For this reason, we recommend that you dress appropriately. For how to dress appropriately, refer to previous answers in the FAQ section.  

Can I come alone?  If so, how do I join a team?

    You can come alone or in a group. The referees will divide everyone who is playing into two equal teams based on numbers and skill level. When possible, referees will keep groups that come together on the same team. 

What is the age requirement to play airsoft?

    The age limit to play at our facility is 10 and up.

Is there a good time to come for beginners?

    For beginners, we recommend you come and play either on a Friday night or early on a Saturday. Friday night is Kids Night, so all the players are under the age of 18.

Can I get dropped off by my parents if I bring in a signed waiver, or do my parents have to stay?

    As long as your waiver is complete or already in the system, your parents can drop you off and leave.

What's included in the rental package?

    The rental package includes the following: your entry, rental gun, rental facemask, airsoft bb's (amount dependent on which package).

Is there food available on site?

    We have drinks, snacks, and frozen, microwaveable food available at our facility. There are also many restaurants in the area, and many deliver.

Do you have a gun tech?

    Yes, we have a gun tech available for repairs and upgrades on personal airsoft guns. For availability, call the store and ask for his hours that week.

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