All Players are required to sign a WAIVER
before you can play!!
If you are under
18 yrs old,
your Parent or Legal Guardian MUST sign the waiver too.


Before you visit,
Please make sure
to review our
Rules & Regulations

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Stryker Airsoft Logo Stryker Airsoft
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13 Route 57 Hackettstown, NJ 07840 - (908) 269-8965
( Next to the Citgo Station )
New Jersey's BEST Indoor Airsoft Experience
Nerf Nights will be held March 17th and March 24th
from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.
$15 per head. Reservations required.
reserve at

Spring Break Schedule
April 3, Fri: 12 to 5 all ages (10+),  5 to 10 kids night
April 4, Sat: 12 to 10 all ages (10+)
April 5, Sun:  Closed for Easter
April 6, Mon: 12 to 8  all ages (10+)
April 7, Tue: 12 to 8  all ages (10+)
April 8, Wed: 12 to 8 all ages (10+)
April 9, Thu: 12 to 5 all ages (10+),  5 to 10 adult night
April 10, Fri: 12 to 5 all ages (10+),  5 to 10 kids night
April 11, Sat: 12 to 10 all ages (10+)
April 12, Sun: 12 to 8  all ages (10+)


About Us

The concept of Stryker Airsoft began in 2011 with the idea that local children wanted a specially designed indoor space dedicated to airsoft. We wanted to bring the games out of backyards to a more supervised and structured setting. The design of the playing field went through multiple stages before being finalized as an urban war zone, similar to today’s most popular video games. As our journey continued, we realized this sport is not only enjoyed by children, but also people of all ages. In order to satisfy all customers, we created unique games that challenged all experience levels while reinforcing gun safety. We finished the project in December 2012 with a field expansion and a full service pro shop. At Stryker Airsoft, we now combine unique and realistic game types, a 15,000 square foot playing arena, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff to create the best indoor airsoft experience you will find in the state of New Jersey.

***As required by Federal Law Airsoft guns are sold with at least a 6mm orange tip
Removing or painting over the orange tip will void your warranty.

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